National Refill Day 2019 – 50% off Laundry Egg Refills

National Refill Day Logo
National Refill Day 2019

The #Refillution has hit (and too right too) and this week we see National Refill Day encourage people to simply refill their reusable water bottles, rather than buying a single use plastic bottle. It’s as simple as that but currently less 30% of people in the UK do it – crazy!

Currently, the average person in the UK uses 150 water bottles per year. If even just one in ten of us refilled our bottles once a week, it would mean 340 million less plastic bottles would be in circulation. Seems a no brainer. Get refilling guys! There’s no better time to start than National Refill Day!

Anyway, here at ecoegg, we might not be about refilling water bottles (although we obviously do that too), but we are about refilling Laundry Eggs with mineral pellets that clean your clothes and make your laundry as fresh as can be! Using an ecoegg Laundry Egg reduces the need for single use plastic bottles from your laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. In fact, you could save the need for around 40* single use plastic bottles per year (from laundry detergent and softener.

How does it work?

Well, once you’ve bought your ecoegg Laundry Egg, filled it up with pellets as per the instructions and use it around 72 times, you simply refill it with more Laundry Egg Refill Pellets! Then you’re ready to chuck it in the drum of your machine with your clothes, turn it on and let the magic happen. It will last for ten years (and if not you’re covered by our 10 year guarantee).

lled with Pellets
ecoegg Laundry Egg

So, how do you refill your egg?

Press the white button on the egg in and gently twist, being careful not to spill the pellets.

The, check the pellets fall beneath the white line inside the larger half of the egg, they will look around half the size too. This should be around every 72 washes.

If they do fall beneath the line, top up with one bag of Laundry Egg Refill Pellets.

Then, close the egg by lining up the triangles on the top and bottom half of the egg and turn to lock close. Double check its sturdy!

Wash, wash, wash (x72) and repeat!

Laundry Eggs – support the Refillution  for  National  Refill  Day 

You can refill your Laundry Egg with either Spring Blossom, Fresh Linen or Fragrance Free Pellets. We also have a number of limited edition fragrances available too. They’re a whopping 50% off in celebration of National Refill Day, meaning it will cost you less than 2p per wash! Kind to the environment, kind to the skin AND kind to your pocket!

*Based on doing one wash per day, with an 18 wash bottles.

World Oceans Day 2019 – What’s the story?

Why are our oceans so important for our survival?

We have all seen Blue Planet II and heard about the devastating impact us humans are having on the ocean and marine life, which is why we want to bring World Oceans Day to your attention. It’s hard hitting seeing excessive man made items end up in in the sea, something that we could prevent. Which is why we came up with the ecoegg Laundry Eggs and Dryer Eggs – to provide you with an eco friendly laundry solution that prevents tonnes of harsh chemical laden water from ending up in our water systems each year, and dramatically reduces your single use plastic consumption.

World Oceans Day Turtle
World Oceans Day 2019

It’s time to understand why our oceans are so key, and how positive changes we to our life style can help make bigger impacts.

Oceans generates most of the oxygen we breathe.

Firstly, 70% of the Earths oxygen is produced by marine plants.

Helps feed us

Simply, the oceans provide humans and animals with nutritious food. If our oceans are damaged and marine life cannot survive, it means less food. Healthy oceans, healthy planet!

Regulates our climate

The ocean plays a central role in regulating the Earth’s climate and weather patterns. The ocean is being impacted by increasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from human activity, causing changes in water temperature.

Cleans the water we drink

In addition, oceans provide fresh water to the billions of people on earth, and this is a huge challenge that doesn’t come easy. Warm ocean waters provide the energy to fuel storm systems that provide fresh water vital to all living things.

Offers development for new medicines

Oceans helps scientists develop new medicines with it’s incredible variety of biodiversity. Therefore, if we do not look after our oceans these developments will suffer.

Oceans Provide limitless inspiration

Finally, the ocean inspires us all. Fluorescent fish, delicate crustaceans, intricate coral reefs and gigantic marine mammals. Our ocean is amazing!

World Oceans Day ecoegg Laundry Egg Pellets
ecoegg Laundry Egg

So why is World Oceans Day so important?

Well, looking after our oceans is vital and here at ecoegg we take our responsibility to the planet very seriously. Our ecoegg Laundry Egg uses no harsh chemicals, meaning you are helping save tonnes of chemical laden water from ending up in our water systems.

Not only that, by using your Laundry Egg and Laundry Egg Refills you could save around 40 single use plastic bottles*, per year, from ending up in landfill and potentially our oceans harming all sorts of marine life. Make the swap this World Oceans Day!

*Based on using 40 x 18 wash size bottles each of detergent and fabric conditioner, with a 1 x daily wash load.

Top Tips for Cleaning Hard Surfaces

Cleaning hard surfaces is something we all have to do. Whether it’s floors, worktops, hobs, mirrors, shower screens, grouting or sinks we all want our hard surfaces sparkly clean, polished to perfection, and protected. So, below we’re sharing with you our top tips on cleaning hard surfaces around the home. Which, of course, features our trusty hard surface cleaner. By the way… you can get a FREE Power Liquid Hard Surface Cleaner, 2 x Microfibre Cloths and Non-scratch Sponge when you buy a 500g tub of Hard Surface Cleaner!

Clean | Polish | Protect

Test, test, test!

It’s unlikely that most cleaners have been tested on ALL surfaces. If you’re worried, always try your products on a small inconspicuous area before taking on a big area.



In preparation, a quick wipe down, hoover or dust is key. This will clear your surface of any grubby bits, any residue or dirt and ensure you get the optimum results.

Use a non-scratch sponge

It doesn’t matter what surface your cleaning, no matter how durable, a non-scratch sponge ensures your surface stays as sparkly and new as possible. There are some great non-scratch sponges out there now. If you are using the ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner, this comes with one which is a great on all surfaces – even for getting the toughest stains off pots and pans.

Clean in circles

Wet your sponge so its damp and go around in circular motions all over your surface. In particular focus on the tough spots to ensure it gets through all the stern, ingrained marks. Once thoroughly scrubbed, rinse your sponge clean and rinse away residue product from your surface. 

Microfibre cloths

Microfibre cloths… are your best friend when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces! Sometimes, cleaners leave residue on surfaces after you’ve finished cleaning, some visible, some not. Always wipe them down with a very lightly damped microfibre cloth (not in circular motions this time – we don’t want smears). This will leave your hard surface with shiny polished and buffed effect.


There’s something about making your home smell lovely, fresh and newly cleaned. However, there are so many cheap and cheerful cleaner these days which are full of synthetics and harsh chemical smells and the smell replicates that, so make sure you pick wisely! The ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner is natural, with no phosphates or chemicals and is comes in Citrus Burst, Orange Blossom, Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera and Lavender scents which leave the most beautiful, natural smell.

So, happy cleaning all! If you fancy giving the ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner a try, we’re currently offering a free Liquid Hard Surface Cleaner, two free micro fibre cloths and a free spare non-scratch sponge when you buy any 500g tub of Hard Surface Cleaner all for only £9.99. While stocks last so get in quick and let us know how you get on! #myecoegg

RRP £25, NOW £9.99 Buy Here

Eggciting Easter with ecoegg & Addis!!

Eggcited to let you know ecoegg will be joining forces with Addis this Easter bank holiday!!

We have organised an egg-straordinary joint competition where you could be in with a chance to win a bundle of Addis & ecoegg products!!

Keep an eye on the ecoegg & Addis twitter pages over the bank holiday weekend for details on how to enter this egg-celent competition – you won’t want to miss out!

Have an egg-ceedingly good Easter!

Delighted to celebrate our Queen’s Award win with Her Majesty The Queen’s Representative in Kent

In April, we were thrilled to have been recognised with the UK’s highest business accolade, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for outstanding business success in innovation.

Since this significant high for the business, we suffered a very severe low. In June we were devastated to find we had been victims of a severe fire in our premises in Maidstone, Kent. The fire wiped out our stock and rendered our offices and warehouse uninhabitable.

Since then, we have worked hard to ensure we got back to business as usual. After plenty of hard work, we are now firmly back in business, in larger premises in Gillingham.

Last Wednesday, we were honoured to be visited by HM The Queen’s representative in Kent, the Lord Lieutenant, Viscount De L’isle, Member of the Order of the British Empire who officially bestowed the Queen’s Award and was also pleased to cut the ribbon, officially opening ecoegg’s new premises!

The event was attended by ecoegg’s friends, family, customers, suppliers, partners & supporters and was made even more special after successfully overcoming the challenges the business had to face in the last months.

If you are interested in reading more about the day, take a look on the Kent Online who featured the events.

Thanks for all your support over the years – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Halloween Pumpkin Competition

Happy Halloween!!

Fancy WINNING yourself an ecoegg Stain Remover, Laundry Egg and our super adsorbent, Reusable Bamboo Towels this Halloween??

You can enter our competition via our facebook page ( All you have to do is comment on the pumpkin competition facebook post with a photo of your pumpkin creation, like our facebook page & share our post, and you will be in with a CHANCE TO WIN!!

The winner will be selected on Tuesday – so GOOD LUCK and HAPPY CARVING!!

Amazing 25% off at Robert Dyas!

We are delighted that Robert Dyas have been added to our ever-growing list of stockists!

You can now buy our Laundry Eggs, Dryer Eggs, Detox Tablets, Stain Remover and Fabric Conditioner online and in store at Robert Dyas.

Not only this, but for a LIMITED TIME ONLY Robert Dyas are offering a HUGE 25% OFF ecoegg products!

Be sure to take advantage of this offer while you can – it is only available this month! If you don’t have a Robert Dyas near you, don’t worry, you can order on their website too.

Laundry Egg (210 washes)

  • Just £7.49 at Robert Dyas (for a limited time only). This works out at just over 3p per wash!
  • Complete replacement to regular laundry detergent
  • 1 year of laundry for the average family
  • Kind to sensitive skin, and the environment

Dryer Eggs

  • Now just £7.49 at Robert Dyas!
  • Simply pop these in your tumble dryer and they will speed up drying by 28%
  • Fragrances and softens your clothes
  • Great in times of bad weather when you can’t take your clothes outside to dry

To take advantage of Robert Dyas’ great offer have a look on their website today.

Ecoegg meet the Queen!

On the 21st April we were delighted and humbled to have Her Majesty The Queen announce we won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. 

Almost four months on from receiving this brilliant news, our Managing Director Rob Knight, has had the privilege of meeting The Queen herself!

Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation 2016 Emblem

At the end of last month, the official Queen’s Award Reception took place which was a brilliant celebration of the award winners.

I am told the day involved wonderful champagne, very opulent state rooms, and of course, a meeting with The Queen!
Rob at Buckingham Palace
We are striving to keep bringing you innovative household helpers, and we hope that you and The Queen will love the products we will be unveiling in the next few months – watch this space.

Thanks for all your support – we couldn’t have done it without you!


Rachael’s first trip to TVSN & Australia

As some of you will know, we sell our products all over the world through shopping TV channels such as QVC. Last month was Rachael’s (our TV Product Demonstrator) first appearance on TVSN, an Australian shopping TV channel.

I asked Rachael to write a blog about her time in Australia for us, and here is what she got up to:

“Last month I had my first visit to TVSN. This also meant my first ever visit to Sydney, Australia which I was very excited about! The schedule was destined to be grueling with 5am alarm clocks and late night returns to the hotel. Nevertheless, I was determined to steal a few hours to see the sights. We arrived late Saturday morning and weren’t due in the studio until first thing Sunday, so there was my perfect window.

It was umbrella weather but after taking in Woolloomooloo Wharf, the Botanical Gardens, the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, the sun burned through the clouds and it soon became cocktail weather!   
Rachel Opera House
The Vivid Light Festival was on so that night I dragged Mr. Rob Knight out to see the city lit up in all its glory.
Rachael lights
9pm meant bedtime before an early start on Sunday. At 6am Rob introduced me to Pie Face, a 24hr kiosk where you could get a decent cup of coffee and something freshly baked to start the day. We drove to the studios in Warringah where we met Michael (our local Australian props guy) and set to work getting everything ready for the first live presentations at 8:30am. As I was not scheduled for my first airing until Monday. I spent that first day shadowing and supporting Rob.
The world of shopping TV can feel like a time warp. Setting up and also clearing and packing props either side of the live presentations always takes hours, so even with just 3 airings scheduled for the day our feet never touched the ground. Mealtimes are often tricky so that day we took lunch at 10:53am. As we headed towards the nearest eatery (Subway), we noticed a Sunday market. We ended up having Gozleme for lunch instead (a delicious Turkish flatbread and another first for me) and stealing half an hour in the sunshine with the rest of the world. Lovely!
Market food

The rest of the day remained focussed on the airings with a pause in the evening for that earlier abandoned Subway sandwich! There was also an acknowledgement of the ginormous, chaotic pile of storage boxes which at some point we would have to seriously sort out before we left on Tuesday.

We got back to the hotel late that night and it was lights out at 11:30pm before another 5am alarm clock. Due to a mixture of jet lag, mistimed hunger and anticipation for my first live airing in Australia, I totaled two and a half hours sleep that night. But the human body is an amazing thing and the remaining two days were filled with bursts of adrenaline in front of the camera, bizarre mealtimes, a burst water main, trips to numerous retail outlets in search of the “right” storage boxes and the blood and sweat which was shed (literally!) in getting them packed.
Rachael TVSN

It was hard work but a fantastic experience and I was privileged to have been in such great company. Luckily we all managed to keep our sense of humour throughout those 3 intense days at TVSN and I have to say, I had a LOT of fun.”

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