ecoegg’s 15 Year Anniversary

Saving the Earth doesn’t HAVE to be a grand gesture – we know David Attenborough can inspire moments where we convince ourselves we will solve the worlds issues by the eleventh hour; but sadly, we aren’t living in the fictional albeit desirable action shot of The Avengers and the world cannot be saved overnight *queues the booing chorus*.

HOWEVER, a little change CAN go a long way – and TOGETHER we can make a difference *queues the cheering chorus*.

We believe saving the Earth begins in your laundry basket. To celebrate ecoegg’s15 year anniversary of making eco accessible to everyone, here are Five of our Laundry Superheroes who will take you on their mission of how they are helping to Save! Our! Earth!

Detox Tablets

Detox tablets 3

The UK’s landscape is mostly made up of chalk and limestone. This impacts our water systems – 60% of homes in the UK have a hard water supply (Plumridge, 2023). Because of this, our washing machines prove more susceptible to build-up of limescale and scum which prevents you celebrating a smooth, effective wash. Which is FINE, it is allll good… if you’ve got your detox tablet close to hand😉.

Our tablets are the eco solution to your laundry hiccups, there will be no extra washes to get rid of that odorous smell – helping you save time AND money on your energy bills.  Our tablets help clean the limescale and scum accumulating in your washing machine, much of this scum gets absorbed into our water system contributing to the pollution of water through the breakdown of chemicals and the infiltration of microplastics. By deep cleaning your washing machine, you are nodding in the right direction towards helping mitigate water pollution.

Stain Remover

Our vegan, plant-based formula is TOUGH on stains… but gentle on the environment. Our stain remover contains no chlorine bleach, is non-toxic to aquatic life, is vegan AND plant-based without compromising in its ability to tackle the toughest stains. On top of that, we’ve teamed up with POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic), who rescue plastic on its way to entering the seas, and then repurpose it for our bottles! Our plastic can be traced back all the way to its collection point in Indonesia – now that’s heroic.

The Heroic Laundry Egg

Approximately 7 billion of the 9.2 billion tonnes of plastic produced from 1950-2017 ended up in landfills or was dumped (UNEP, 2017). So far, since January 2021, the sales of our Laundry Eggs from JUST our website have helped save over 2 million plastic bottles going to landfill. This number is ever increasing with the help of our loyal following joining our eggvolution!

Refill Pellets

Our refill pellets are 6 x SMALLER than a 25-capsule wash and 70 x LIGHTER than the average 42 liquid detergent bottle.* Just think of the difference in transport weight, transport emissions, the less lorries on road… you name it. Everyone joining the eggvolution could mean you won’t be stuck behind that one lorry attempting to overtake the other lorry in a macho display of my lorry’s bigger than yours.

Dryer Eggs

Our Dryer Eggs are proud defenders of reducing those household energy bills by reducing drying time from up to 28%. The patented nodules work to soften your clothes, not only drying them quicker but less time to be spent on ironing! On top of this, the egg and its packaging are 100% recyclable – the perfect sustainable end to your laundry routine, having not only cleaned your clothes but cleaned your conscience. 


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