The Laundry Egg Basics

The ecoegg Laundry Egg contains the 2in1 replacement for non bio, refillable laundry detergent and fabric softener. There are two types of pellets included – white washing pellets and black tourmaline pellets, which work together to clean your clothes. Sounds simple, right? 

The Fuzzy Chemical Explanation

The White Washing Pellets:

Surfactants – The detergent pellets contain ingredients that are hydrophilic surfactants. Surfactants are molecules with one end that’s attracted to water and another end that’s attracted to dirt and grease. They act like magnets, with one end pulling in water and the other pulling in dirt and grease. This helps to break up and remove stains and grime from your clothes. Surfactants appear in MOST detergents as the main `washing` ingredient.

Water Softening – The washing pellets also contain an ingredient helping to soften water in hard water areas. It’s a charmer.  

The Tougher Stuff

 The Black Tourmaline Pellets:

Water Optimisation – The black tourmaline pellets complement the white detergent pellets.  They reduce the surface tension of the water, working alongside the surfactants in the white pellets. By lowering the surface tension, the water becomes more “wetter,” which means it can penetrate textile fibres more effectively, improving the cleaning process. Think of it as a team effort where the white pellets are Batman and the black tourmaline pellets are Robin, working together to ensure your clothes come out clean and soft.

Ionisation – Tourmaline pellets naturally ionize the water, making it slightly more alkaline. Alkaline water is better at lifting dirt and stains from fabrics, improving the overall cleaning efficiency.

So, while it may look like just a pretty egg, your Laundry Egg is actually a clever laundry assistant that helps remove dirt from your textiles and ensures your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and softened during each wash cycle.

The Physical Explanation

Your Laundry Egg throws a party in your washing machine each time to help remove the dirt from textiles and soften your clothes, so they are easily penetrated by the detergent pellets busily working away.  

All about the movement

Less method to the madness on this one due to there being no active ingredients washing your clothes; the tumble dryer eggs prefer having a boogey with your clothes – which explains the disco-level of noise emitted from your tumble dryer!  

The Physical Explanation

Separation of Clothes – ecoegg Dryer Eggs help separate your clothes so that more air can circulate, drying each item faster. The combined effect of separating the clothes and enhancing air circulation leads to faster drying times.

Energy and Cost Savings – We used an independent laboratory to test the drying time of wet laundry with no ecoegg Dryer Eggs (control tests), against wet laundry with ecoegg Dryer Eggs and found that they reduced tumble drying time by up to 28.8%*. Saving energy and money on household bills is a top priority for these Dryer Eggs.   

Softens Clothes – A clever laundry softener ball – the nodules on the eggs soften your clothes naturally- no need to use fabric softener!  

A Scent for Every Wash

Gentle on Skin Fragrance – On top of that, your clothes are lightly fragranced by the natural oils found in the scent booster sticks of your ecoegg Dryer Eggs.

Allergy UK Approval for Sensitive Skin – There is the Fragrance Free option for those with sensitive skin which contains no perfume and holds the vouch from Allergy UK for sensitive skin for over 11 years now.  

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