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What came first... The egg or the pellets?

Our Founder, Dawn, battled with eczema herself growing up and when she realised how sensitive skin can be to normal detergents through her own struggles, the ecoegg Laundry Egg was born *applauds*. She wanted to design detergent that contained no nasties, and thus came up with detergent pellets. 

Of course, the detergent pellets needed a sustainable home to perch themselves within. As a result, the reusable Laundry Egg was born *double applauds*. 

So in answer to the question, it was the magic within the Laundry Egg which was born first. The detergent formula was at the crux of the solution to finding a sustainable, skin – friendly alternative to laundry day. It just so happens the Laundry Egg became its perfect partner in crime.

Hatching into the new design

Our egg has undergone some changes since its conception. From the original white packaging to our kraft, brown box, we’ve been through some changes! Despite evolving over the years, our eggs have always had 100% sustainably-sourced FSC cardboard boxes to nest themselves in.  



Our eggs first proper home was designed by Dawn herself, and was great for us to break into the market. It then had a redesign in 2014. Unrecognisable from its packaging today, you had the tactile experience of seeing and feeling the egg in its true form. HOWEVER, this meant we were printing on lots of cardboard per box which didn’t align with our eco values. 

Laundry Egg Frag Free Side gentle formula edits


We then moved on to the Kraft brown. This new box design uses 56% less cardboard than our previous egg packaging. Whilst it was a complete transformation from the clinical white packaging… it maybe was still missing that extra summin summin….

TB Laundry Egg


Finally. We have arrived at the revived packaging of our brand new fragrances with a refreshing new look. Staying true to our trademark Kraft brown, we’ve added a burst of vibrant colour this time. 

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