Top 10 tips for saving energy around the home

1: Use a wash cycle of 30 degrees or less.

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It’s pretty simple. The hotter your wash, the more energy you use, and in turn the higher your energy bills. I think we can all agree our bank accounts would love to see the day we became savvier with our finances. A quick fire way of doing this would be to routinely have colder washes for your laundry – this will use significantly less energy.

Luckily, our Laundry Eggs wash efficiently in temperatures as LOW as 15 degrees, making them the perfect partner for you to achieve your money saving ambitions.  

2: Always wash a full load.

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Unless it’s a pair of food stained jeans you MUST wear that evening or the world will collapse in on itself, we recommend you hold fire until your laundry basket is full. This way there are no half efforts, inevitably leading you to do more washes.

Dedicate a `Laundry Day` for your diary to map your week and ideally a day you know you will have a full belly of laundry. If you implement this into the structure of your week, you are more likely to stick to your money saving wishes.

3: Use short, high-speed spin cycle to shorten drying time.

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This will catalyse the drying process by drawing out the maximum amount of wetness from your clothes before the drying process begins.

Get to know your washing machine. Look up the instructor manual on how you can integrate a high speed spin cycle for the end of your wash, and you’ll be hearing the ka chings with every spin of your wash.

4: Maintain your machine with monthly cleans to make washing more efficient.

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Over time the continued use of powders and liquids mean deposits accumulate in the pipes of our washing machines. This can affect the efficacy of the washes; smelly odours may mask the detergent’s work. This could mean you are having to wash your clothes more than once to achieve your desired wash results and that is just hard work!

Our Detox Tablets contain six in one packet, giving you six months’ worth of TLC for your washing machine. The tablets are to be placed by themselves on the hottest wash to work their detoxing magic. If you do this once a month, your washing machine will be revived to its youthful state adorned with squeaky clean pipes.

5: Speed up drying time by air drying where possible or using SB Dryer Eggs if using a tumble dryer.

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If you don’t have enough space around the house for mountains of clothes or you want to fast track the drying process, then our Dryer Eggs are the one for you. Our nifty Dryer Eggs have been tested and proven to speed up drying time by 28%, effectively saving you on your energy bills. Not only that, but you’ve also got extra time on your hands to do whatever you please!

6: Use energy efficient dual washing and dryer machines.

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Whilst you can put in the groundwork to save energy, so can your washing machine! Look out for the ENERGY STAR certified washer/dryer pair – this machine has been manufactured with the aim to save you energy by drawing significantly more water out of your clothes in the final spin cycle than the typical washing machine.

7: Separate your clothes by weight for drying.


Your smaller items will be swamped by the larger items when all lumped into the dryer; heavier items such as towels and bed sheets mean it will take longer and more energy for you to dry your load. Instead section your laundry by weight to ensure less drying time.

8: Use a low heat in your dryer settings as well as your Dryer Eggs.

You’ll use less energy and with our Dryer Eggs bobbing around, your clothes will be dry in no time.

9: Don’t overload your dryer machine.

Same concept as compiling your heavier and lighter items, you don’t want your washing machine to bite off more than it can chew by stashing it with as many clothes as you can. Likewise, don’t put too little in your dryer as this will be wasting energy.

10: Wash clothes on the shortest cycle.

Shorter cycles mean less water, heated to a lower temperature and a shorter spin cycle to save water and energy. Bonus – this cycle causes less damage to your clothes over time so helps them last longer.  

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