Summer Stains Bundle



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Summer Stains Bundle


Summer fun sometimes leads to summer stains, but worry not! We’ve assembled the perfect trio of eco-friendly stain-busting superheroes in the ecoegg Summer Stains Bundle.

🌿 1 x Detox Tablets: Kickstart your journey to cleaner laundry with 6 months’ worth of our powerful Detox Tablet. It’s the secret ingredient that keeps your washing machine running squeaky clean, getting rid of odours, limescale and bad build up by giving your machine a thorough deep clean from the inside out.

🌞 1 x Laundry Egg for Whites + Lights: Say goodbye to dingy whites and faded lights. Our Laundry Egg with extra oxi brighteners and stain remover agents will have your clothes looking summer-fresh all year round.

🌊 1 x Stain Remover in Prevented Ocean Plastic: Fight stains with a plant-based vegan formula while making a positive impact on the environment. Our stain remover is bottled in plastic collected from the ocean, helping to reduce plastic ocean pollution.

🌈 Variety of Scents: Elevate your laundry experience with a duo of delightful scents, from Fresh Linen to Spring Blossom. Your clothes will smell amazing, without the chemically-laden fragrances!

🏖️ Summer Freshness All Year: Keep the vibrancy of summer in your clothes, ensuring they look and smell fabulous, no matter the season.


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Detox Tablet

Everyone needs a detox occasionally – especially your washing machine. Over time, your washing machine accumulates a build-up of limescale and soap scum from the repeated use of liquids and powders, leaving your machine with smelly build up and in some serious need of TLC.

Unwrap one Detox Tablet and place it in the drum of your empty machine with no clothing and then run your hottest wash cycle, preferably at 90 degrees. We recommend detoxing your machine every month. Having a clean machine means that it functions more effectively.

The ecoegg Detox Tablets provides 6 months worth of cleaning tablets.

Stain Remover

Our vegan, plant-based formula is TOUGH on stains… but gentle on the environment with no chlorine bleach, is non-toxic to aquatic life, and the bottle made from 100% recyclable plastic that is ocean bound. 

Treat your clothes first with this stain remover before washing them.

Laundry Egg for white + lights

The 4in1 Laundry Egg for white + lights acts as a complete replacement for detergent + fabric softener, containing refillable non bio detergent pellets with a gentle on skin formula, containing no chlorine bleaches, phosphates, parabens, SLS/SLES or palm oil

These special pellets contain an extra oxi brightener and an added stain remover agent to help keep whites bright and remove stains. 

Weight 850 g

Fresh Linen, Spring Blossom


Fresh Linen

Our longstanding best seller and the freshest Laundry Egg on the market… we bring to you Fresh Linen. Classically clean, brightening your load and did we mention fresh.

Spring Blossom

You will have a sure spring in your step once your clothes are bathed in this scent with its addictive light floral tones.


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