Laundry Egg Holder

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What is the Laundry Egg Holder?

The Laundry Egg Holder is for use with your ecoegg Laundry Egg. Perfect for holding your egg case while you fill it with mineral pellets, and great for storing your Laundry Egg between washes so that it can dry.

Please note: this product is just the cup holder; you will not receive a Laundry Egg with the holder.



How do you use the Laundry Egg Holder?

This handy contraption can be secured to any hard surface. It comes with a suction pad which can be attached to either the bottom or the back of the holder dependent on where you want it. The cup holder can then be securely placed on top of your washing machine, on the front of your machine, on a window or on your worktop.

What are the benefits of the Laundry Egg Holder?

The holder is so handy when you are filling your egg case with the mineral pellets. Put the larger half into the cup and then pour the pellets in. Store your ecoegg Laundry Egg in the holder when not in use so that it dries between washes and you always know where to find it!

The holder is made from HDPE so is easily recycled.

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