Finally, summer is here! However, along with the sunny weather, fun days spent outside, and new adventures, comes new added dangers of stains. Perhaps it’s a grass stain on your favourite pair of blue jeans, some inevitable ketchup stains on your kids’ clothes from a family barbecue, or a splash of wine that’s been accidentally spilled onto your carpet. Whatever the stain, Ecoegg have a solution. Below we are sharing with you our top tips for stain removal this summer, with the help from our tough ecoegg Stain Remover.

So, what are the most common stains?

There are many stains that prove themselves to be unavoidable during these summer months. The most common can include grass, red wine, ketchup, coffee, fruit juice and blood. In the summer especially, stains from summer drinks and food, such as berries, can be a pain! This all makes stain removal a big part of cleaning chores throughout the summer holidays.

What are our key tips for stain removal?

  1. Act rapidly: Removing a fresh stain is much easier than removing a dry stain that has been left on a piece of fabric for a long time. Give yourself the upper hand by dealing with stains as promptly after they happen as possible.


2. Soak it up: Grab a clean sheet of one of our absorbent ecoegg Bamboo Towels or a clean cloth, dampen it and blot the stain with some pressure to absorb as much of it as possible.

3. Don’t rub or scrub, just dab: Do not rub or scrub the stain with a damp ecoegg Bamboo Towel or a damp cloth as this will only spread the stain, it will not absorb it as well as dabbing the stain with pressure.

4. Use natural methods: Baking soda is your friend! It can be sprinkled over wet stains, such as wine, coffee and tea, to draw out the stain and absorb any moisture. Salt or cornstarch can be sprinkled over oil-based stains, such as salad dressing or grease spots from greasy food. Allow it to sit for a little bit to absorb any oil/grease, then simply brush away. Furthermore, cold water can be used for dried stains. It’s a smart idea to stretch the fabric over a bowl and run some cold water through the fabric, from the back of the stain to the front. This helps to rise out some of the stain from the side it entered- instead of pushing the stain all the way through the material.

5. Stain remover: After attempting to absorb/wash out as much of the stain as possible through the methods listed above, if there is still a mark left it is time to bring out the stain remover! Of course, we recommend our ecoegg Stain Remover. Always apply stain remover directly onto the affected area as per instructions.

6. Wash, wash, wash: Put your fabric to wash using an ecoegg Laundry Egg to remove any stubborn, remaining traces of the stain and any traces of stain remover. Now your fabric is as good as new!

How can you use the ecoegg Stain Remover?

To remove the toughest of stains this summer, we recommend you use our Stain Remover. Start by squeezing the white paste onto the affected area of the fabric, completely covering the stain.

Then start to rub the paste into the stain. Once done, leave the Stain Remover to do its magic for 10 minutes- then wash!

The ecoegg Stain Remover is safe for use on all fabrics as it contains powerful plant extracts and is formulated from non-toxic, gentle ingredients. You can even use it on your collars and cuffs to bring them back to life. Try it on carpets too, you’ll be amazed!

However, if you are worried, please always test on an inconspicuous part of the fabric first.

“I am trying to make our household green and waste-free, and the eco-egg system really helps. I bought the 720 washes eco egg first and it washed well except for one or two heavily stained items like tablecloths after a kids’ party. But the stain remover took care of those, so the two items together make a great team.”

ecoegg fan rated the ecoegg Stain Remover 5/5 stars

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