1. Detox your Machine

The most important thing to do when you first start out with an ecoegg Laundry Egg is to Detox your machine with our ecoegg 

Detox Tablets. After using traditional detergents and fabric conditioners, you can get a build up of grime in the pipes of your washing machine that could release a musty smell after a while, which is why it is important to deep clean your machine before you get going! You may even want to use two detox tablets if it’s been a while since you last deep cleaned your machine.



When starting out with a Laundry Egg why not buy our Laundry Egg Starter Kit – including a Mega Detox Tablet to deep clean your machine and Laundry Egg Cup Holder to keep your laundry area neat and tidy. All for just £11.99.




  1. Fragrance

One thing to remember is that although our Laundry Eggs are fragranced with Spring Blossom and Fresh Linen (unless you go Fragrance Free of course), they are only lightly fragranced. This means their perfume levels are low (ensuring they are kind to your skin and the environment.)

It’s really important to remember that just because they are not highly scented, it does not mean they are not clean!


  1. Stains

The ecoegg Laundry Egg contains no harsh chemicals – a key factor that makes it kind to your skin and the environment. Though tackling most stains and marks is no problem for the Laundry Egg, for the tougher ones, you’ll need a stain remover to hand before your put them in the wash.  You could try our ecoegg Stain Remover or Instant Stain Remover.


  1. Knowing when to Refill

It’s the question we get asked most! With normal detergent when the bottle is empty, you’re out. With a Laundry Egg, its not quite as obvious as that, but it’s easy once you know. If you’ve first bought a Laundry Egg you’ll get 70 washes out of it, and if you’re on to refills its 50 washes. Simply work out your average washes per week and divide it by 70 or 50. That will give your answer as to how many weeks your Laundry Egg will last. Any longer than that, and the performance of your Laundry Egg will start to deteriorate.


  1. Benefits

Remember the benefits. This one small swap of transitioning to an ecoegg Laundry Egg means you’ll be…

  • Reducing your single-use plastic consumption
  • Reducing the amount of chemical waste leaving your household
  • Using a laundry product that is kind to your skin and has the Allergy UK Allergy Friendly Product award
  • Is Vegan Friendly and cruelty free
  • Means there’s no longer any mess, measuring or large boxes and bottles in your Laundry area

Make the switch today and buy an ecoegg Laundry Egg Starter Kit. Just £11.99 for a Laundry Egg, Mega Detox Tablet and Laundry Egg Cup Holder exclusively at ecoegg.com. Available in Spring Blossom and Fragrance Free.