Spray & Refresh Spare Bottle


Spare bottle for your Spray and Refresh

  • Always have one to hand
  • Create different concentrations
  • Share with a friend

The spare bottle for your Spray and Refresh allows you to put multiple bottles of fragrance all around your home, so they are there when you need it.

The spray bottle evenly distributes the fragrance, dispersing a fine mist, and its lockable nozzle is perfect if it will be around children or pets.

Always have one to hand

With these spare bottles, now you can make up multiple bottles of Spray and Refresh and put one in each room.

Keep one in the kitchen, one in your bathroom, and one in your bedroom – now you can always have a bottle to hand!

Different concentrations

Some people in your home may like their fragrance stronger than others. Now you can keep a stronger version for one member of your family, and a subtler fragrance for another.

Share with a friend

Perhaps you and a friend both like the sound of the Spray & Refresh, but you want to give it a try first. Why not share the Spray & Refresh concentrate and purchase a spare spray bottle so you can have a bottle each?

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