Spider Stay Away Spray


Spider Stay Away

A simple, quick spray keeps spiders away

  • No more creepy spiders
  • Humane way to keep spiders at bay
  • No harsh chemicals

Ideal for spider control, preventing spider infestation and spider-webs the humane way, the Advanced Spider Stay Away is a natural spray that harmlessly repels those unwanted visitors. Using chestnut oil extract, a fragrance disliked by spiders, once the area is sprayed, they won't come near.

Use all around the home

Simply use the spider spray around doors and windows and spiders are deterred from entering. Perfect for camping, caravans, basements and sheds. This spider repellent is effective outside and inside, it leaves no residue or discolouration.

No harsh chemicals and completely harmless

The natural chestnut oil extract is safe to use and harmless to animals, adults and children. Each application can last up to a month. Supplied in a 500ml bottle, with spray head.

To download the instructions for our Spider Repellent Spray click on the link below:

Spider Stay Away Instructions