Power Degreaser


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Concentrated plant based degreaser

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Industrial cleaning strength
  • Highly concentrated dissolvable packs – makes 25 bottles

Are you fed up with using elbow grease to remove burnt on grease and grime on your pans, hob, and extractor fan? Our Power Degreaser starts working on contact with the surface, instantly – removing grease and grime effortlessly.

Super Concentrated

Our Power Degreaser has enough capsules to create 25 bottles of powerful degreaser. Fill the dilution bottle with water, add a capsule, and shake.

No harsh chemicals

Our Power Degreaser is really effective, instantly breaking down grease and grime – while containing no harsh chemicals at all. It is a made from a plant-based formula, and is biodegradable and food safe – so it is safe to use all around your home.

Industrial strength

We have discovered that this plant based formula is used in America in the motor industry for build ups on alloy wheels. That’s why it’s so powerful – this is an industrial strength degreaser.

The plant ingredients encapsulate the oil, breaking down the long carbon molecules which are not water soluble, into smaller molecules which are water soluble.

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To download the instructions for our Power Degreaser click on the link below:
Power Degreaser Instructions

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