Reusable Lint Rollers


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The last lint rollers you’ll ever buy

  • Reusable: just rinse under the tap
  • 3 sizes in the kit: travel, medium and large
  • Easy to use: just rinse, dry and reuse

Fed up with wrestling with those disposable lint rollers that cost a fortune?  Not anymore.  These are reusable time and time again.  Use them over and over for picking up hair, crumbs, debris, dust and so much more.


This innovative silicone is super sticky when dry but slippery when wet, so once you’ve cleaned up the pet hair from the sofa or the crumbs from the carpet, just rinse under the tap, dry and reuse! Guaranteed for ten years, we think these are the last lint rollers you’ll ever need to buy, imagine the money you’ll save!

Three sizes in the kit

    • Travel size with built in cover – for your handbag, glove box or desk drawer
    • Medium size with cover – perfect when ironing, for upholstery and curtains
    • Large size with extendable handle – ideal for tackling carpets and cobwebs on ceilings


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