Moth Repellent Spray


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Moth Repellent Spray

One spray keeps moths away

  • Simply spray and leave to dry
  • Suitable for clothing, carpets, bedding and upholstery
  • No harsh chemicals

Fed-up with moths making a meal out of your suits and dresses, skirts and trousers? Then here’s some good news – in the shape of Moth Repellent Spray. Moth repellent spray is made from natural plant extracts. It is highly effective in repelling moths

Natural odour forces Moths away

Although odourless to humans, one sniff will send moths far, far away.  Moths find the combination of natural plant oils and extracts extremely uncomfortable and simply don’t stay around.

No harsh chemicals and completely harmless

Made from natural plant oils and extracts, it’s eco-friendly and long-lasting. Simply spray onto clothing, carpets, bedding and upholstery, leave to dry and say goodbye to moths. 500ml.

To download the instructions for our Moth Repellent Spray click on the link below:

Moth Repellent Spray Instructions


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