Laundry Egg Cup Holder


The fun way to store your Laundry Egg

  • Helps your Laundry Egg dry thoroughly
  • Can be secured to any hard surface
  • Looks great in the laundry room

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg Cup Holder has been specifically developed to hold your Laundry Egg while it is not in use – and it’s a lot of fun too!


The Ecoegg Laundry Egg Cup Holder comes with a suction pad which can be attached to the bottom or the back of the holder.

Then it can then be securely placed on top of your washing machine, on the front of your machine, on a window, or almost any hard surface.

It’s the perfect way to store your Laundry Egg, keeping your laundry area clean and tidy.


The Laundry Egg Cup holder also helps your Laundry Egg dry thoroughly.

It sits inside the holder with sufficient room to allow air to flow around the egg, helping it to dry naturally and properly in between washes.

A lot of fun

The Laundry Egg Holder looks great holding the Laundry Egg – it will no doubt make you smile when you go to do your laundry!

Please note: this product is just the cup holder, you will not receive a Laundry Egg with the holder.

To download the instructions for our Laundry Egg Cup Holder, click on the link below:
Laundry Egg Cup Holder Instructions


Additional Information

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