Instant Jewellery Cleaner


Effortlessly cleans your silver and gold jewellery

  • Kit contains 8 applications
  • Brings your tarnished jewellery back to life
  • Can be used on many metals

The ecoegg Instant Jewellery Cleaner brings your tarnished jewellery and silverware back to brand new within minutes and – best of all – with minimal effort.

Makes your Jewellery Shine!

Over time, metal reacts with the air and tarnishes. This is what makes our jewellery and silverware look dull and old.

Our Instant Jewellery Cleaner reverses this reaction, removing the tarnish and bringing the sparkle back.

So easy to use

Simply take a sachet from the box, and place it in the reusable tub silver side up.

Then place the items of jewellery onto the sachet, add boiling water over the items, wait 5 minutes, and remove the jewellery. Then just rinse your jewellery in warm soapy water, and watch it shine!

The sachet will remain effective for around 12 hours, simply change the water in between each batch.

Can be used on various materials

The Instant Jewellery Cleaner is great for many items, such as silver, silver plate, gold, white gold, platinum, diamond and non-porous gemstones.

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Jewellery Cleaner Instructions


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