A new innovation in toilet cleaning

• Silicone head is made of thermoplastic rubber and is water resistant
• Antibacterial handle made of solid ABS
• 360° head can reach hard to reach places on the toilet bowl

Tired of those old-bacteria infected toilet brushes – the Live Clever Hy-Brush is the solution. The Live Clever Hy-Brush is inspired by ergonomic Danish design and has an innovative antibacterial solid handle. The silicone head is impregnated with silver ions. Its unique water repellent 360° silicone head helps to greatly reduce dripping after use, and prevents any paper or mess sticking like a normal brush. The angled head allows you to reach into all those
hard-to-see places to tackle the toughest tarnishes on the bowl.

Complete with wall-mounted holder
The Hy-Brush comes complete with an easily wall mounted holder, meaning no more mess. The holder is supplied with self-adhesive backing, so no screwing is required.

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