ecoegg hard surface cleaner
ecoegg hard surface cleaner
ecoegg hard surface cleaner at home

ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner


What is Hard Surface Cleaner?

The ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner is the perfect product for use all around your home. The Hard Surface Cleaner not only cleans and polishes, it protects your hard surfaces so they stay cleaner for longer.  It’s great to use on stainless steel, ovens, tiles, windows, mirrors, sinks, shower screens, pots and pans and so much more.

Made from naturally occurring clay, which was discovered in 1948 and is only found in one small village in France, it does not contain any phosphates, detergents or harsh chemicals.

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How does it work?

Simply wet the sponge and wipe over the paste then use a circular motion to clean almost any hard surface, and watch as it powers through dirt effortlessly. Wipe clean and buff with a damp ecoegg microfibre cloth after application.


Find out our top tips to get your surfaces sparkling here (link to blog)


What are the benefits?

Made from naturally occurring clay, our ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner means you can clean hard surfaces around the home without the need for harsh chemicals. Cutting through dirt with ease, this versatile product will help get your bathroom, kitchen, windows and mirrors shining.

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Citrus Burst, Lavender, Aloe Vera


500g, 300g

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