Fragrance that lasts and lasts

  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used in all types of laundry

The ecoegg Eggstrafresh scented pearls are perfect for adding beautiful fragrance your clothes. Lasting up to 54 washes, they are great value and a kinder alternative to other laundry fragrances.

Long Lasting Fragrance

Our Eggstrafresh scented pearls have been specifically designed to give your clothes a gorgeous fragrance that doesn’t fade.

Choose from Fresh Linen, Jasmin Infusion or British Blooms, and the scent will penetrate into the fibres of your clothes, leaving a sumptuous fragrance that lasts and lasts.

The Eggstrafresh scented pearls will last up to 54 washes – each load of laundry will be as beautifully fragranced as the last!

Easy to use

Simply add 1 to 2 scoops of Eggstrafresh pearls into the drum of your washing machine, then load in your clothes, adding your Laundry Egg or laundry detergent and fabric conditioner as normal.

When the wash has finished, the pellets will have dissolved and you can dry your clothes as normal.


The Eggstrafresh fragrance pearls can be used on all types of laundry, from towels to sportswear. They can also be used in both white and coloured washes.

The level of scent you create in your laundry is completely customisable. Use a little or a lot, from 1 scoop for a subtle fragrance to 2 scoops for a more intense fragrance and anything in-between!

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