NLA – Clothes Folder



Perfect results every time

  • Folds everything from t-shirts to towels
  • Perfect results time after time
  • Double your storage space

Messy cupboards? Messy Drawers? Not any more with our clever Clothes Folder.

If you’ve ever wondered how the posh fashion shops get their shelves looking so perfect – this is what they use and it’s now available in your home too.  It folds everything from shirts, t-shirts and trousers to bedding and towels! Perfect results every time. It’s as easy as “flip, flip, fold” – so much fun!

Get organised and get your cupboards looking great.   Find today’s outfit easily, no more routing around in your drawers.

Get more in your suitcase

Perfect for travelling too – everything folds to exactly the same size so you can really maximise the space in your suitcase.  And it folds down to almost nothing, so storage is easy peasy.

Available in Azure Blue, Hot Pink or Bright White.

To download the instructions for our Clothes Folder, click on the link below:
Clothes Folder Instructions

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