Water Activated Cleaning Blocks


Effortlessly removes marks and stains

  • No chemicals required
  • Removes a variety of stains from crayons to grease
  • Can be used all over the home

These Water Activated Cleaning Blocks remove stains with ease. They clean almost any surface with water alone – no chemicals required!

With 20 sponges in the kit, this pack will last you ages!

Leaves surfaces sparkling

These eco-friendly blocks are made from melamine, a clever material which activates when soaked in water.

When activated, millions of tiny fibres within the sponge trap the dirt and grease – leaving your surfaces looking brand new.

Removes a variety of marks and stains

They are brilliant at removing all kinds of stains, from crayon marks on the walls, to scum on the bath, and grease on the hob.

They can also be used on your car, on alloy wheels and scuff marks on bumpers.

The blocks can be cut to any size – they are really versatile and can be used for almost any job.

With 20 in the kit, you can use a different sponge for a different area of the home!

Saves you money

These Water Activated Cleaning Blocks can be used time and time again, and you still get the powerful results each time – with water alone!

Now there is no need to spend money on expensive cleaning chemicals which are bad for the environment and irritating to sensitive skin.

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