Carpet Cleaning Microsponges


Revolutionary dry carpet cleaning

  • Cleans and freshens all carpet types
  • Absorbs stains – just vacuum away
  • Dry carpet cleaning – no liquids required

Easy to use

Our Ecoegg Carpet Cleaning Microsponges are so simple to use, and really effective too!

Simply give your carpet a quick vacuum to pick up any residual dirt, sprinkle the microsponges over your carpet, then use the silicon brush to agitate deep into the carpet fibres and leave for around 10 minutes.

Then just vacuum up the microsponges, and your carpet will be left looking brand new – no more waiting around for your carpet to dry!

Incredible results

Our Ecoegg Carpet Cleaning Microsponges are incredibly effective. Unlike many liquid cleaners, the stain won’t reoccur – it has gone for good.

With liquid cleaners, how many times have you applied the cleaner, think the stain is gone, only to have it dry and find the stain has reocurred?

Liquid cleaners often just remove the stain from the top of the carpet. The stain still remains at the bottom of the carpet fibres, which then travels up to the top again – so frustrating!

Our Carpet Cleaning Microsponges are different. They clean deep down into the pile of the carpet, absorbing the dirt from the bottom up, preventing the stain from coming back.

It works on all kinds of carpet, including wool, sisal, coir, and it can also be used on other materials such as leather too.

Brand New Technology

Made in the UK, these brand new microsponges are so clever and powerful.

Each microsponge is a super thirsty sponge, which will quickly absorb the dirt. You will see the sponges start swelling and changing colour, absorbing the stain until it has been removed from your carpet.

Dermatologically tested and containing no harsh chemicals, it is kind to sensitive skin and to your pets too.

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Carpet Microsponges Instructions


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