Boom Power Paste

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Boom Power Paste

All natural clay-based cleaner

  • No scratch formula
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly

BOOM Power Paste is an all-natural clay based cleaner that can be used all round the home. It works as and does the jobs of an abrasive cleaner but due to its formulation it will never scratch.

Easy, simple cleaning

Simply wet a sponge, wipe on the paste and then power through dirt and grease with ease.  So simple, BOOM and it’s gone!

Great for the environment too

Many products that can be used to clean the hard surfaces around your home are full of harsh chemicals and are in no way friendly to the environment BOOM power paste is an all-natural totally non-toxic eco-friendly alternative that has incredible results.  Supplied in a 300ml screw-top tub.

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