Antibacterial Cleaner Spare Bottle


Spare bottle for your Multi-Purpose Concentrated Antibacterial Cleaner

  • Make different strengths in each bottle
  • Always have one to hand
  • Share with a friend

The Multi-Purpose Concentrated Antibacterial Cleaner is brilliant for cleaning any hard surface around the home, including bathroom sinks, mirrors, kitchen hobs and so much more.

Always keep one to hand

With these spare spray bottles, you can make up more than one bottle of the Multi-Purpose Concentrated Antibacterial Cleaner and leave them in different areas of your home.

Now you can have one in each bathroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the children’s play room.

Different concentrations

You could also keep one bottle of Antibacterial Cleaner of a less strong concentration for general cleaning, and then another stronger concentration for stain removal – making the product so much more versatile!

Share with a friend

Alternatively, you could buy the Concentrated Antibacterial Cleaner with a spare bottle, and then you can share the product with a friend.


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