Adopt our top tips on tackling Plastic Free July and  beyond. From laundry, to cleaning and leftovers, it’s  more simple than you think.

Plastic Free July is here to unite the world in making small conscious choices about plastic consumption. The thought of going plastic free can be quite daunting at first. In fact, it’s important that we remember that small changes mean big wins when it comes to looking after our planet and reducing plastic consumption. Which is why, here at Ecoegg, we make simple and innovative eco-friendly products, like our ecoegg Laundry Egg, that are kind to your skin and the environment, and your pocket!

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There’s probably a misconception that going plastic free is hard work; or it’s impossible; or that one person won’t make a difference. Well, that’s very wrong!

There are many easy and simple steps that you can take to reduce your plastic consumption for Plastic Free July… and if you need some advice, just ask your parents or your grandparents how they used to do things!

So, as Plastic Free July kicks in, here are our top super simple steps to start reducing your plastic consumption.

Water Bottles

Firstly, lets talk about water bottles. Did you know that over 7 billion* water bottles are used each year JUST in the UK? We’d save around 340 million bottles a year if just 1 in 10 of us refilled. It will cost you way less in the long run, and there are some amazing brands producing bottles in all sorts of styles. Check out Chilli’s Water Bottles, BKR or Corkcicle and make a water bottle a key purchase for Plastic Free July.

Glass Jars

Chutneys, jams and spreads all come in glass jars, big and small, and they can become your best friend in reducing the need for single use cling film wrap. Simply wash old jars, pop them in the cupboard and fill them up with homemade sauces, loose pieces of fruit and veg, cheese, or leftovers as and when you need to! No need for cling film, tin foil or even plastic Tupperware!

ecoegg Laundry Egg

Laundry Eggs with Pellets
ecoegg Laundry Eggs

Ditch bottled detergent and fabric conditioner! Our ecoeogg Laundry Egg removes the need for single use plastic bottles in your laundry room. In fact by using an ecoeegg Laundry Egg, you could save the need for around 40** single use plastic bottles per year, from detergent and fabric conditioner. It also means no harsh chemicals (which is kind to your skin, and the environment!). Plus, no need to store bulky bottles and no mess measuring detergent either. Our ecoegg Dryer Eggs are great too – reducing drying time and creases in your clothes! Until stocks last, you can get a FREE jumbo ecoegg Stain Remover when you buy an ecoegg Laundry Egg on our website.

Make things

Think about things that you can make that will reduce the need for buying more items covered in plastic. Exfoliating sugar scrubs? A simple mix of sugar and olive oil popped in a jar. Lunch? Pop it in a reusable box rather than buying it in single use packaging. Make up remover pads? Stitch rounds of fabric together and pop them in the wash after use. Google is full of eco-friendly, nifty tips, tricks, and ‘how to’s’.


Bamboo Towels
Bamboo Towels

Finally, bamboo. Bamboo is strong and flexible and one of the most sustainable materials out there. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, that regenerates itself from its roots and grows (generally) without the need for pesticides and chemicals. Our advice here is to always check if there is a bamboo alternative to whatever it is you’re buying. For example, scrubbing brushes, toothbrushes, picnic sets, coffee cups, hair brushes, utensils, cotton buds, furniture and loo roll… the list goes on! Perhaps start with ecoegg Bamboo Towels, the eco alternative to kitchen roll. Reusable and washable, giving you over 1700 uses per pack!

While #plasticfreejuly goes on, simply make more and more small conscious decisions with your daily purchases and activities. Once you get into the rhythm of things, you won’t get out of it. Especially when you realise it’s costing you less too!

**Based on 18 wash size bottles, one wash per day

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