Kim Woodburn

Hello, my love.

Do you know, I’ve been cleaning all my life and I have always looked for ways to save money.
But it’s no good saving money if the products don’t work. But do not worry – the ecoegg products do work – and that’s why I am proud to endorse them.

The ecoegg laundry egg will save you so much money on your laundry bill, it completely replaces washing detergent. Imagine never having to buy washing powder or liquid ever again!

Our latest product, the ecoegg dryer eggs, will save you up to 28% on your electricity costs every time you use your tumble dryer – imagine the savings you can make over the winter months!

I get asked to endorse cleaning products all the time, but I usually say no because the products just don’t meet my standards. But with ecoegg products, I’m confident you will love them.

What’s more – you get to see my smiley face on each and every box, aren’t you the lucky ones!

Give them a go my love – you won’t be disappointed!

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