Facebook – Eggsterminator (Pack of 8)

Facebook – Eggsterminator (Pack of 8)


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Facebook Special – 2 Packs of 4 Eggsterminators (save £10)


** Supplied in a variety of vibrant colours (may vary) **

Your scratch-free cleaning superhero

  • 2 great cleaning tools in 1
  • Never smells, never scratches
  • Powerful cleaning without chemicals

The Eggsterminator is the perfect all-round cleaning tool – no chemicals required!

2 functions in 1

This happy chappy is made from a brand new, unique ‘flex-tech’ material which changes function dependent on the temperature of the water.

In cold water he is firm and rough, tough & powerful.  But in warm water he is soft, spongey and super absorbent.  He is the ultimate 2-in-1 cleaning tool.

Only tap water needed

Powerful cleaning without the chemicals – Eggsterminator tackles most jobs using just tap water alone.  Eggsterminate baked on grease and grime, limescale, mould and more!

Never scratches, never smells

Ordinary sponges become a breeding ground for bacteria, but Eggsterminator’s breakthrough material doesn’t hold bacteria and is guaranteed to never smell.  Normal scourers scratch, but even though the Eggsterminator is strong and tough, he is guaranteed never to scratch any surface!

More than just a sponge

The Eggsterminator does so much more than just cleaning!  When firm (cold water) he removes sticky labels with ease and can even peel your vegetables without a blade in sight.   When warm he is so soft that you can even use him to exfoliate in the shower!

More than just a smiley face

Put your fingers through his ergonomic eye holes and now you can clean right into tight places – to the bottom of glasses, pots and pans and muffin tins – without your fingers getting in the way.  Plus, use his smiley mouth to clean your cutlery on both sides at the same time!

He will last and last

Pop him in the dishwasher to sanitise him and you’ll always have a brand new Eggsterminator ready to go.  And each Eggsterminator will last and last.  This great value set includes 2 Packs of 4 Eggsterminators – enough for 2 year’s supply.

Powerful cleaning results, using just water, on shower screens, BBQs, ovens, cooker tops, cars, garden furniture, pots and pans, grout, tiles, alloy wheels, grills, baking dishes, windows and window frames, the list goes on…

** Supplied in a variety of vibrant colours (may vary) **

2 x Packs of 4

To download the instructions for our Eggsterminator, click on the link below:
Eggsterminator Instructions


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