Top Tips for Cleaning Hard Surfaces

Cleaning hard surfaces is something we all have to do. Whether it’s floors, worktops, hobs, mirrors, shower screens, grouting or sinks we all want our hard surfaces sparkly clean, polished to perfection, and protected. So, below we’re sharing with you our top tips on cleaning hard surfaces around the home. Which, of course, features our trusty hard surface cleaner. By the way… you can get a FREE Power Liquid Hard Surface Cleaner, 2 x Microfibre Cloths and Non-scratch Sponge when you buy a 500g tub of Hard Surface Cleaner!

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Test, test, test!

It’s unlikely that most cleaners have been tested on ALL surfaces. If you’re worried, always try your products on a small inconspicuous area before taking on a big area.



In preparation, a quick wipe down, hoover or dust is key. This will clear your surface of any grubby bits, any residue or dirt and ensure you get the optimum results.

Use a non-scratch sponge

It doesn’t matter what surface your cleaning, no matter how durable, a non-scratch sponge ensures your surface stays as sparkly and new as possible. There are some great non-scratch sponges out there now. If you are using the ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner, this comes with one which is a great on all surfaces – even for getting the toughest stains off pots and pans.

Clean in circles

Wet your sponge so its damp and go around in circular motions all over your surface. In particular focus on the tough spots to ensure it gets through all the stern, ingrained marks. Once thoroughly scrubbed, rinse your sponge clean and rinse away residue product from your surface. 

Microfibre cloths

Microfibre cloths… are your best friend when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces! Sometimes, cleaners leave residue on surfaces after you’ve finished cleaning, some visible, some not. Always wipe them down with a very lightly damped microfibre cloth (not in circular motions this time – we don’t want smears). This will leave your hard surface with shiny polished and buffed effect.


There’s something about making your home smell lovely, fresh and newly cleaned. However, there are so many cheap and cheerful cleaner these days which are full of synthetics and harsh chemical smells and the smell replicates that, so make sure you pick wisely! The ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner is natural, with no phosphates or chemicals and is comes in Citrus Burst, Orange Blossom, Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera and Lavender scents which leave the most beautiful, natural smell.

So, happy cleaning all! If you fancy giving the ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner a try, we’re currently offering a free Liquid Hard Surface Cleaner, two free micro fibre cloths and a free spare non-scratch sponge when you buy any 500g tub of Hard Surface Cleaner all for only £9.99. While stocks last so get in quick and let us know how you get on! #myecoegg

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