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Katy Gibson

EcoEgg Dryer Eggs Review and 50% Discount! EcoEgg have a product for sale called dryer eggs which I had heard of but never tried so when I was asked to review them I was super excited! As a family of five (soon to be six) we tumble dry a lot of clothes, and the dryer eggs shorten drying time by up to 28%!! With as many loads of washing as I dry, imagine the money (and time) I would save?! I have to admit I was a little sceptical about the reduction in drying time and if it would work as well as it claimed. The first thing I want to make clear in this review is that it really did improve my drying time!!!!! I was amazed and also really happy, I was able to lower the drying time by 20 minutes for each load!

Debs Ludford

Spotted this little gadget in a recent online sale and thought ‘Why not? Let’s give it a try!’ A spring blossom scented Laundry Egg that replaces your regular washing powder. I’m a little bit choosy, normally,  about my choice of detergent. I have quite sensitive skin on my face and take medication for it so have to be quite careful as some detergents cause it to flair up. With no harsh chemicals and it’s hypoallergenic it’s worth a shot. The Laundry Egg claims to be An AllergyUK product that is kind to the skin, your environment and your pocket. With mine claiming to have approximately 720 washes within the little pink egg it does seem too good to be true. That’s nearly 3 years

Caroline Bartholomew

Hi girls and guys, today I have a Ecoegg to review for you. So I have come across this ecoegg and wanted to try it for you. I know a few of you have been asking for me to review a eco products so ecoegg company was kind enough to send me on to try and review for you all. So first things first, when it arrived my hubby was like oh you have a parcel. He read the label and was like ecoegg. It was a product he’s seen before on Tv. He got all excited wanting to open the parcel. There was me like no not just yet I have the beauty reviews to do first.So I hope you enjoy reading my review and I hope it was worth the wait. Ecoegg is not tested on animals meaning no animals was harmed. I do not know how

Angela Hamilton

How many times a month do you need to go out and buy more washing powder or capsules? Maybe 3 depending on the size of your family? Do you need to be careful about what you use on your skin and need to buy a more expensive brand? I know we go through bottles of washing liquid per month and I like non-bio as its gentle on our skin. It was costing us a fortune. Luckily for me I came across Eco Egg. Using the Eco Egg means less chemicals which I love. The egg contains small pellets, tourmaline and White mineral which you place inside the egg before the first use. This little egg was voted the top Gold Award for best Baby Skincare Product by Prima Baby & Pregnancy


There comes a time in every 20-something life when they realise they have become their parents.  For me this moment came when I decided to write this blog post raving about a product which is not lipstick or a new skirt, but laundry detergent. Even better I bought this product whilst with my mum and she is waiting to know my opinion on it (you’re definitely an adult when your parents see you as an equal in a discussion regarding domesticity advice).All jokes aside, the EcoEgg is best detergent I have used since I’ve moved out of my parents house (2008…wow) and specifically the best I’ve tried since starting to experiment with cruelty-free cleaning products (which I have been

Tanita Dighton

So I was offered to try a Laundry Egg From Eco Egg :)!!! Was so happy to be accepted to try this out as kept hearing about them. There was three sorts to choose from, fragrance free, Soft Cotton or Spring Blossom so i choose Spring Blossom. I was a bit humming and haring about this product when first heard of them but heard great review about them. I totally agree they are fab. The balls inside don’t all vanish on first wash which i really thought they would. Also there slight fragrance and i actually tried it without any comfort and you could smell it on the washing and smells so lovely. Hung the washing on the airier in living-room and made living-room smell lovely. They really do remove

Charleh Dickinson

Eco friendly living and sustainability is a hot topic in the news at the moment and quite rightly so, as each year we experience more volatile weather and record temperatures. However, when we talk about eco friendly products, there is a lot more to it than being friendly to the planet. When it comes to fragrances, soaps ,and laundry detergents it’s also good for your body! So, it’s no surprise to me that the majority of people I meet who are interested in the Paleo diet, are also interested in being eco-friendly and organic whenever possible. When we use products on our skin which are produced using chemicals we forget that our body absorbs them too. The question is, when we are all

Kerry Baldwin

Removes the toughest of stains with ease. Exceptional results. Hypoallergenic: no harsh chemicals. Accidents happen, that’s life.  But now you don’t have to use harsh chemicals to deal with them. Our powerful Stain Remover is free from harsh chemicals and anything that could irritate your skin – so much so in fact that you can apply it with your finger! It tackles a whole multitude of stains with ease.Safe on all fabrics, it contains powerful plant extracts and is formulated from non-toxic, gentle ingredients, so it’s kind on sensitive skin – and the environment.Tip: try it on carpets too, you’ll love the results. £3.99 Stocked in Lakeland, QVC, Holland and Barrett and various other

Mary Procter

I don’t know about you but I appear to have a magic laundry basket.  As soon as I empty it I turn around and it’s full again.  There are only three of us but it never ceases to amaze me how much washing we create.  Sadly until I’ve got Monkey better trained, the responsibility for getting it all cleans lies with me and my trusty washing machine.  It can cost a small fortune to keep everything looking pristine can’t it. Well I’ve discovered something that’s rather clever, eco-friendly and will save me money, all whilst keeping on top of the laundry. Let me introduce you to the Ecoegg Laundry Egg. The Ecoegg Laundry Egg – Soft Cotton, we received priced at £9.99 will last for 210 washes, before the

Jenny Parrington

Over the last few years I’ve made various energy saving changes not to just to better my pocket but to better the environment too. I’m always looking for energy and money saving products and recently I was sent an EcoEgg to review. I’d heard so much about them that I was pretty excited to try it out myself. EcoEgg is an award winning, eco-friendly, money saving product and is a complete replacement for washing detergent. The product consists of a hard plastic egg which is filled with two types of different mineral pellets which creates a powerful but all natural cleaning foam. Simply put the Laundry Egg in with your washing and it will leave your laundry clean, fresh and soft. The Laundry

Evette Garside

Ecoegg produce household products that are driven by customers needs, are money saving, environmentally friendly and free from harsh chemicals. One of their products is a multi purpose cleaner. When the cleaner arrives there is 2 bottles, one of which is empty and the other is the concentrated mixture. It’s a big litre bottle which needs mixing and diluting, hence the other spray bottle. This concentrated mixture gives enough to make up to 80 spray bottles so it will certainly last me a long time. The back of the concentrate bottle shows how to dilute and it’s easily done with one or two capfuls of concentrate and filled with water. The concentrate has a very strong lemon scent, once


‘Made from a certified organic bamboo source, our Bamboo Towels are strong and absorbent. Use them wet or dry for spills, messes, cleaning, wiping, dusting, drying and more! They never scratch and never leave any lint or residue.’ Before I say anything about these, go and watch their video. It’s not a pushy sales pitch at all, it really gives you a good understanding of what the product is and what it can do. Ok, hopefully now you have watched their video…a really good video I thought! So these Bamboo Towels are a lot more expensive than normal kitchen roll on the face of it but when you look deeper into the product, the Bamboo towels are actually soo much cheaper! ‘Each sheet can be

Katy Gilroy

Now, this is something you probably never expected to see on The Lilac Scrapbook – I’m reviewing laundry detergent, or whatever the proper name for it is. But obviously I do wash my clothes, and being a student it’s not always something I want to splash out on. Plus I have really sensitive skin, and most washing powders/liquids/tabs irritate it. EcoEgg sent over their 210 washes-Laundry Egg* in the Spring Blossom scent for me to try out, so I’ve been using it to wash my clothes (duh) and honestly, I’m thrilled with it. Am I an adult now? It hasn’t irritated my skin, and it’s really handy because I just keep it in the bag that I use to transport clothes from my room to the kitchen, where our


I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t ‘enjoy’ cleaning. I do it because it needs to be done, not because I like to do it. However something came along recently that changed that….. Ecoegg’s Concentrated Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner! It is has no harsh chemicals in it but instead it is made from plant extracts and is safe to use all over your home. I have been reviewing products for Ecoegg since last February when they first sent my mum their Laundry Egg to review (an alternative to washing powder) and over the past year I have reviewed quite a few different things for them but I wasn’t expecting to review a product that might actually make me ‘Want’ to clean the house rather than just doing

Jessica Howliston

As a family of 4 which include to children who are seemingly dirt magnets our washing machine seems to be forever running! So when I heard about a product that could save us money, eliminate the need for chemicals and washing detergents I was excited to give it a go. That product is the EcoEgg, a complete replacement for any washing detergent! The EcoEgg is easy to use and inside the box you will find some easy to follow instructions which show you how to open your EcoEgg, fill it with the mineral and tourmaline pellets provided and also how to refill your egg when needed. The laundry EcoEgg is available is 3 sizes 54 washes (£7.99), 210 washes (£9.99) and 720 washes (£19.99). I

Sabrina Jillah

Washing, laundry, piles of clothes – it’s the story of my life since we had Tyler. It seems never ending! And the amount of washing detergent we get through is ridiculous. We used to get Persil at discount when my husband worked at Unilever – that was seriously the best perk, the staff shop! Anyway, since he moved companies, we’ve had to buy washing detergent and fabric softener at FULL PRICE! It really does add up. The other month I got offered to review the Ecoegg. It’s a laundry egg that you can use over and over instead of detergent, saving you loads of money. I was intrigued, how on earth can it clean your clothes without washing powder?! I had to try it out. The Ecoegg team


Recently I was contacted by ecoegg to see if I wanted to test their revolutionary environmentally friendly laundry egg.  I have to admit it peaked my interest when it hit my inbox so I asked them to send one over so I could take a look.  When I got back from New York, my ecoegg had arrived and I was ready to wash 2 suitcases full of holiday clothes. About ecoegg Laundry Egg. The ecoegg Laundry Egg is the first of a range of products from ecoegg that promise to be kind to skin, natural and effective. The Laundry Egg contains no harsh chemicals and is therefore kind to the environment and also your health. It is manufactured in the UK and claims to offer you a money saving


We use a whole barrage of chemicals in our washing and let’s face it who really knows what’s in our washing up tablets/powders etc.?  You normally have a simple choice, biological or non-biological cleaning but now there is a third option ‘natural’.  Like the sound of that?  I sure did!  It’s not just children that you have to worry about exposing to harmful chemicals.  Adults are also at risk of developing skin irritations. Many of you will have noticed by now I lean to the natural product side as often as possible and why not? In most cases natural products can yield equivalent if not better results to their non-natural (more toxic to our skin and the environment) competitors. My continuous quest led me

Jenny Lord

I’m a user and a fan of Ecoegg, and I’m so pleased to tell you that this British manufacturer of innovative eco-friendly cleaning and household products has been recognised for their hard work and entrepeneurialship by winning the prestigious business award, the Queens award for enterprise. It is the UK’s highest business accolade, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, was awarded to Ecoegg for outstanding business success in Innovation. This award by HM The Queen acknowledges the company’s innovative product development and commercial success. To celebrate, they invited me to test another one of their products. My Ecoegg collection is steadily growing, I already

Jessica Howliston

You may have recently seen our review of the EcoEgg here on the blog if not you can find it here! As you can tell from our review we loved the Ecoegg and are still using it at the moment as it lasts so long making it so cost effective! So I was delighted to hear that the fabulous people over at Ecoegg have won a prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2016. The Queen’s Awards are made annually by Her Majesty The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an Advisory Committee that includes representatives of Government, industry and commerce. Rob Knight Founder and Managing director of Ecoegg said “We are thrilled to have been”


As a family of 6 our washing machine and dryer are constantly running, I spend about £240 per year on washing detergent! I have been trying out the Ecoegg laundry egg and dryer egg to see how they compare to my normal detergent. Ecoegg have just won the prestigious Queens Award of Enterprise for 2016. We were sent the 210 wash spring blossom laundry egg, this should last roughly a year, priced at £9.99 it will save me over £230 per year. The egg comes in 2 pieces with 2 different types of pellets, tormalline ceramic pellets which weaken the adhesive forces between dirt & fabric and mineral pellets that naturally ionize the oxygen in the water. This penetrates into

Evette Garside

A few months ago I reviewed a cleaning product for Ecoegg. You can see the cleaner review here. I still have lots of the cleaning product left. I have recently discovered that Ecoegg have recently won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2016. The Queen’s Awards are made annually by Her Majesty The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an Advisory Committee that includes representatives of Government, industry and commerce. They are thrilled to have been recognised by Her Majesty The Queen as one of the most innovative businesses in the United Kingdom. Ecoeggs most They are thrilled to have been recognised by Her Majesty The Queen as

Katy Stevens

Before I had my daughter I had a LOT of time to clean my home. Obviously when a new baby arrives priorities change. I’m not living in a hovel now, far from it, however, I do have to set aside time when my daughter is with relatives to tackle some of the more long winded cleaning jobs. I have recently been using EcoEgg products, in particular their hard surface cleaner. This is a lovely product, with a citrus burst, and it is a bit of a ‘one stop shop’ item. It cleans kitchens, bathrooms, floors, windows and mirrors. It cleans, polishes AND helps protect surfaces. This really couldn’t be easier to use. You wet the sponge (that comes inside the pot) and then you wipe it over the paste before

Lucy Dorrington

You may remember, about a month ago, I reviewed the Laundry Egg, from Eco Egg and found it to be a revelation in space, and money, saving household products. So, this month I am having a go with a really intriguing product, the Hard Surface Cleaner from Eco Egg. I had never heard of a hard surface cleaner before, so I wondered what you could use it for. It turns out, pretty much anything, with a few small exceptions. So I set out to put it through its paces. We were sent the Hard Surface Cleaner pack , which is available at a very special price for today only (September 26th) on QVC as Today’s Special Value item. You can buy it for just £14.98, which is a huge saving on the standard

Rebecca Smith

How many of you have heard of Ecoegg before? I had and I have always been intrigued by the concept. They originally began as an alternative to the regular laundry detergents which are often packed with harsh chemicals. The first product they introduced was the Laundry Egg which contains two types of pellets (mineral and tourmaline). These work together to provide powerful cleaning results. Since then, Ecoegg have grown and now have around 20 environmentally friendly household products. They have also recently won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation. We were recently sent a kit – the same kit that is the TSV item over on QVC – TODAY! This

Marianne Weekes

Ecoegg. Have you heard of it yet? I hadn’t before being approached by them asking me if I’d like to review their product. I read the email, checked out the website and was curious, very curious indeed. Ecoegg is so simple and is such a clever design that if it does what it says it does, it will change the way we wash clothes forever. The fact is current laundry detergents that we use, are packed with harsh chemicals that frequently have adverse effects on our skin and our environment. However, this doesn’t mean that we just have to use them and get on with it. We now have a choice, a very good choice too. Ecoegg is set to revolutionise our laundry habits. The Egg contains two types of pellets

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