Here’s just some of the nice things our wonderful customers have to say about our products:

Patricia Gow

OMG i love, love, the Ecoegg and Dryer Eggs. I purchased the Ecoegg and Dryer Eggs as well as refills for both. My daughter is disabled and suffers from extreme eczema and I suffer with Psoriasis. Kind and gentle washing detergents that suit our skin conditions is very, very difficult and expensive to maintain on a disability allowance. Since using my Eco system I bought through AMAZON, my daughters eczema has improved and my psoriasis is no longer as irritated. I cannot recommend your products enough. My washing is beautifully clean and fresh and our skins happier and very grateful. Keep up the good work. I am looking to purchase your room freshner as well as the stain remover. Looking forward to an environmentally kind home, financial benefits due to less expenditure and happy skins from here on out. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your products. Xxxxxx

Marilyn Cresswell

PLEEEASE NEVER DISCONTINUE MAKING ECOEGG! I never want to use detergents or softeners again!

My son's eczema has improved enormously and my shopping bill has gone down. Most stains are taken care of - grimy collars and Marmite.  If that wasn't enough, as a result of the fabulous suggestion in your instruction leaflet of adding a few drops of essential oil to the washload, my house smells wonderful too. I add 6 drops of tea tree oil and sometimes a few of lavender to each load. That then makes ironing an almighty aromatherapy experience too. When my son had a cold recently, I added Olbas oil to his bedding wash and i think that really helped too. I\'m now trying other oils. I've never raved about about a product to friends, school and family so much - EVER!

Marg Coen

We just received our Ecoegg last week and I absolutely love love it. The washing came out very clean and smelling lovely and fresh. It is very convenient not having to pour out liquid detergent into a cap then into the machine or get out a box of powder detergent and add to the machine. Simply place your washing in the machine and place the Ecoegg on top of your washing and turn on your machine. I have suffered from itchy skin for many years and am very happy with the results. It's also a great feeling that we are helping the environment by eliminating all those nasty chemicals. We are also very happy that we will be saving a lot of money, Thank you to the inventor. Well Done!!

Gillian Hawley

Well after speaking with a neighbour and hearing her thoughts on the Ecoegg I thought I would give it a try, so this morning when shopping I purchased one. First of all I wanted to see how much money I could save so I did a comparison and buying my usual soap powder which was on special offer of £4.00 for 22 washes I have found I will be making a saving of £27.00, wow I hear you say, but a saving is no good if product doesn't do the job as good as my normal powder, so I decided to test it on the worse items I wash, namely my hubbies socks and undies, boy am I surprised, the Ecoegg has out preformed it self, a good wash and a saving as well, just what I like, so well done Ecoegg.

Olwyn Thresh

I must write & compliment you on the Ecoegg. My Husband bought me TWO!! as a gift. Although quite happy with my usual Washing powder, I will no longer be using ANY powder in my washing machine. Strange as it may sound, I used my egg initially because 2 of my small dogs have skin problems & their bedding get washed virtually every day but I suspected that there may have been some soap residue after washing & rinsing. I am seriously impressed with the results after using the Ecoegg, so much so I have already given my spare one to my Daughter. My Husband has also bought 2 more, one for me & one to be given to a friend who suffers with psoriasis. Again. Thank you for an excellent product.

Teresa Walter

Just recieved ecoegg from tvsn, it is everything and more that the presenter said about it My old old towels left out in the sun all day are quite soft and I can only imagine how fluffy they will be when I use the ecoegg dryer eggs.

Honestly anyone that is thinking of trying the product do it.

Also my clothes feel really clean and with the hint of soft cotton, all my washing smells so so fresh. I surely will be spreading the word about on the Eco egg thank you for such a wonderful product. Also I used the stain remover today, very impressed. Thank you from a very happy customer.

Alison Rhoomes

I’m just writing to let you know that I recently purchased a tube of Ecoegg (stain remover) from Gardiner Haskins in Bristol. I have attempted numerous brands of stain removers over the years and until now without much success. I thought I would give ecoegg a go.  What can i say? absolutely great! Just leave for 10min & wash & the stain has gone without having to do it again. I shall definitely be purchasing again. Thanks for bringing this great product to the market place. It does exactly what it says on the tube. Stain Remover.

Maureen McGeough

I purchased these eggs from QVC and I have to say they are wonderful.

I have a son who is frequently in hospital and it's vital that his washing is done without harsh chemicals and these eggs are brilliant. I also purchased the tumble dryer Eco eggs and they do exactly what they say. My drying time is much shorter thus saving me plenty of money. Thank you for these marvellous products I will certainly let my friends know about them.

Suzette Datema

Now let me tell you after discovering THE EGG I became a hatcher. All my friends from The Netherlands, South Africa, Isreal, UK and where ever, did not leave our house without an egg package. No more big boxes of soap powders, saving not only storage but money and clothes that last longer. Also a big clap for the egg that saves our environment and skins.

P Little

I’m 78 years old and ordered the 864 Fresh Linen offer from QVC TSV Special. I went to my local butchers and asked to borrow one of their aprons (which was covered in blood stains), to see if it worked. I used the “whitener egg” on a 40° wash and it came out sparkling white and when I returned it to the butcher he could not believe it!

Maggie Pirie

Can I just say that I LOVE the ecoegg. What an amazingly simple yet very effective method of washing clothes. I found it purely by accident but I can\'t think of ever having to return to laundry liquid or tablets again. Thank you for coming up with this!”

Catherine Macpherson

I won an ecoegg in a real nappy week competition. It's great - washes really well and especially lovely for baby clothes.

Saves on washing powder and water - can do a shorter rinse cycle as no detergent used.

Anthea Holloway

In these harsh economic times, anything that will save us money is good but EcoEgg is not only good for our purse but also good for the environment - a double whammy!!

Sophia Gill

Once you convet to the Laundry Egg there's no turning back! Washing is all it's cracked up to be, and I'm so pleased I shelled out for them :D


Have been surprised by your laundry egg today. It got dried muddy puddle out withour pretreating :D


You provide an egg'cellet eco alternative to household products - & help keep me keep my home & laundry clean … naturally


In these harsh economic times, anything that saves us money is good - but Ecoegg is also good for the environment - a double whammy!

Lewis McKenny

I took a Spring Blossom Laundry Egg to uni! My clothes smell heavenly and always feel softer when I do get round to washing them!

Tracey C

Bought one (Laundry Egg) and it only blimmin works!! I was convinced it wouldn't haha! Well done #eco

Sophia Payne

I love Ecoegg Limited for scent-free clothing that is clean and soft. No itchy skin here!

Carolyn Gardner

Helps the environment and kind on your pocket

Sheild Bound

Having a daughter with eczema any product that won't irritate her skin is ok by me

Laura Lane

There's various reasons why I use the Laundry Egg but mainly because they help with my children's eczema :)

Angela Burgess

With sensitive skin your products are great for me

Janice MacGregor

A good washing object makes my clothes and towels soft especially when drying indoors in winter.

Pearl Davison

Economical as well as environmentally friendly has got to be a very good thing!

Suzette Datema

Love my egg and the kindness of EcoEgg ltd that replaced my egg without a quibble when my first egg got a wobble

Jo Bryan

Love the stain remover, it treats my clothes, skin and works a treat too!


Ecoegg arrived via @Ocado on Friday. Very happy with fragrance free laundry results.

Tracey C

Love my laundry Spray&Refresh. The dog's bed was first on the list. It now smells of Christmas! Can’t believe it does 25 bottles.

Hannah Hunter

I love ecoegg as I've saved a fortune on expensive detergent! It's also a great space saver!

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